GA2300 Noiseless, Dustproof and Splash Proof, Aluminum Mini ITX Fanless Case.

Case aluminum of mini itx case GA2300

GA2300 with Wall Mount GA2300 GA2300 Front Panel USB Port GA2300

Case aluminum of mini itx case GA2300.
Design is a fanless case, noiseless ,dustproof and splash proof.

GA2300, an aluminum fanless case is designed meticulously to produce a classic and elegant computer case. This case has no fan, no vent holes and windows to dissipate heat from the processor. Instead, it has thermal pads that absorbed the heat from the chipset and heatsink and dissipate at the top cover which also act as a heat conductor.

Stainless power button with blue LED is accessible in the front panel; it also has 2 USB (2.0) at the front for easy connection. The rear panel is designed depending on the motherboard I/O structure. Customize with two WIFI holes and COM port holes ready for additional connection interface. There is also a space on the top cover wherein you can attach one 2.5” SSD/HDD for your system and storage.

When it comes in power supply, you can choose from 90W Open frame DC power board + 80W AC adaptor, 120W open frame DC power board +120W AC adaptor or a motherboard with DC on board. This chassis also comes with wall mounting kits, so the users can just hang it on the wall or at the back of monitor for more convenient and save space.Mini-PCIE WIFI card is also available in case the users wish to use a wireless connectivity.


Aluminum Fanless, Automation Control, POS, Surveillance, Digital Signage, Transportation and MRT Gating Machine, Barebone System, etc.

Model GA2300iSL
Able to support Intel Atom series processor
Form Factor Mini-ITX Case (Full Aluminum Fanless)
Chassis Dimensions 195(D) x 255(W) x 60(H)mm = 2.98L , with front panel
Drive Bays Flexible Combination as state form below
Front USB(V2.0) x 2 ,Stainless Power SW W/BLUE LED/HDD LED
Power supply DC Open Frame 90W+AC Adaptor 80W
DC Open Frame 120W+AC Adaptor 120W
Motherboard DC on Board
Additional Port 2 x Serial Port
Packing 1pc/4.50kgs/5.00kgs/0.67′ 2pcs/9.00kgs/10.00kgs/1.83′
Application Fanless (passive)

Wall Mount Front Panel USB Port
GA2300 with Wall Mount Front Panel USB Port
Front Review Rear Review-Depends on MB IO
GA2300- Front Review GA2300- Rear Review-Depends on MB I/O

GA2300 catalogue (format: pdf, size: 262kb, released: 2015-05-13)


Storage Choices
Slim ODD
3.5″ HDD
2.5″ HDD
3.5″ Exposed
Wifi Hole
DVI Hole
COM Hole
Include Wall Mount Kits

Accessories (Click here more information)

Mini ITX MB D525 80W AC Adapter
mini-itx-mother-board-D525 90W AC Adaptor
DC Power Kits Wall Mount kits
dc-power-kits wall-mount-GA2300
Mini PCIe Wifi Card

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