MiniITX Case

MiniITX Case GA688

Wall MountMiniITX Case GA688 with Wall Mount
Panel PCMiniITX Case GA688 -Panel PC
Structure-w/slim ODD&2.5″ HDDStructure-w/slim ODD&2.5" HDD
MiniITX Case GA688-FEATURESMiniITX Case GA688 -Panel PC

MiniITX Case GA688 is a model for mini pc that G-Alantic has been released lately.

The chassis dimension is 305 x 220 x 65mm with aluminum front panel. The body is built from high quality steel materials, to guarantee the quality and stability of the product. The chassis can accommodate maximum of three 2.5” HDD or SSD, but only two 2.5” hard drives will be fit if a slim optical disk drive is required for assembly.

There is a variety of power supply that a user can choose from, a 90W DC Open Frame + AC adaptor, and a 120W DC Open Frame + AC adaptor is available. A quiet and noise-free 5cm twin fan is also assembled on the side of the chassis.

This unit does not require a bigger space to setup; it has a wall mount kit that a user can use to hang the chassis on the wall, or use a VESA mount to attach the unit at the back of the monitor. A stand holder is also provided if the user want to setup the product vertically. A user can save a lot of space if one of the said accessories will be use.

An additional two USB 2.0 port is also pre-assembled on the front panel for easy connectivity. Holes for WIFI antenna and for two serial ports are also accessible at the rear side of the chassis.


Security、Mini PC, etc.

Form Factor Mini-ITX Case
Chassis Dimensions 305(D) x 220(W) x 65(H)mm = 4.36L ,with Aluminum front panel
Drive Bays Flexible Combination as state form below
Front USB(V2.0) x 2 , Power/Reset SW , Power/HDD LED
Power supply DC Open Frame 90W+AC Adapter 80W
DC Open Frame 120W+AC Adapter 120W
System Fan 1 x 50 x 50 x 10mm Twin Fan (Side)
Additional Port 2 x Serial Port
Packing 1pc/ 3.00kgs/ 3.50kgs/0.55′
3pcs/ 9.00kgs/11.50kgs/2.08′
Options Wall Mount (GA600 Wall Mount)
VESA Mount (VESA Bracket B + Chassis Bracket A)
Stand Holder
Application Security、Mini PC

Wall Mount Panel PC
MiniITX Case GA688 with Wall Mount MiniITX Case GA688 -Panel PC
Structure-w/slim ODD&2.5″ HDD Structure-w/3.5″ HDD
MiniITX Case GA688 Structure-w/slim ODD&2.5-inch HDD MiniITX Case GA688 Structure-w/3.5-inch HDD

GA688 catalogue (format: pdf, size: 335kb, released: 2015-05-29)


Storage Choices
Slim ODD
3.5″ HDD
2.5″ HDD
Wifi Hole
COM Hole
CF in Bottom
Special cage 1x 3.5″HDD for B type only.

Accessories (Click here more information)

Mini ITX MB D525 5cm Twin Fan
mini-itx-mother-board-D525 5cm-Twin-FAN
Slim Optical Drive SATA ODD Cable
slim optical drive SATA-ODD-CABLE
80W AC Adaptor 120W AC Adaptor
90W AC Adaptor 120W Ac adpater
DC Power Kits Wide Range
DC Power Kits
dc-power-kits dc-power-kits
VESA Bracket B+ Chassis Bracket A Wall Mount kits
VESA Bracket B+ Chassis Bracket A wall-mount-GA600
Stand Holder
Stand Holder

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